Annamaria Aisha Tiozzo

Aisha Tiozzo is a Muslim italian professional active in the field of export strategies as well as in the impact of faith based practices on markets (particularly but not limited to south east asia and gulf countries). After creating in 1998 ATS (private legal and judiciary school) she moved to Yemen for studies and research on TRIBAL and ISLAMIC law. In 2007 she founded (first woman in the sector) the Italian halal certification centre WHAD World Halal Development, also known as HALAL ROMA. Although also certifying food feed and meat, WHAD has a particular competence in the field of halal cosmetics and chemicals, that drove the company to be chosen by the biggest international beauty exhibition (COSMOPROF) to create and drive the first worldwide pavilion of halal cosmetics and Muslim friendly spa. Following this success, she has been asked to repeat the experience in the food sector for TUTTOFOOD Milan exhibition. From halal gluten free and bio projects, up to the successful ITALIA BAYTI program for Muslim friendly tourism in Italy, Whad halal certification center is involved in a number of innovative and scientific projects. Sponsor and supporter of youth and female Muslim associations in Italy ( I. E . GMI young Muslims of Italy ), WHAD is also active in the inter religious dialogue through conferences and cooking show ( “the cuisine of the book” dedicated to the alimentary prescription of the 3 religions of the Book) . Anna Maria was honored to personally train the 12 personal chefs of the president of Italian Republic and the chefs of the Circle of Officials of Ministry of Defence, on how to cook halal for foreign delegations, while last halal cosmetic line she certified and consulted was awarded between the three most innovative product of the year from ELLE magazine, for conjugating halal certification and scientific research. Journalist and writer, she spoke in more than 100 conferences on Islamic marketing and finance, halal certification, and their impact on business and the sales. From 2017, after an experience as Vice President with mandate for Arab countries, Aisha is president of the international branch of CONFASSOCIAZIONI, the Italian confederation grouping more than 400 Italian associations of professionals. In 2016 she moderates in Jakarta the WIEF (world islamic economy forum) section on interactions between Islamic finance and halal sector; in the same year she was inserted between the 500 most influential Personalities in the Islamic economy by ISFIN-FORBES guide ISLAMICA 500 for her achievement in cosmetics and fashion.