11.45 – 13.00

Sessione parallela 3-4-5: Finanza islamica e impatto sociale per un nuovo mondo sostenibile

Sessione parallela 3

CHAIR: Prof. Auwal Adam Sa’ad

Supporto tecnico: Dr. Federico Lanzalonga

Paper 3: Bridging Islamic and Traditional Finance Through Integration of Knowledge (IoK): The Potential of the Third Sector Economy (Jasmin Omercic)

Paper 4: Social performance of Islamic Banks (Admir Mešković, Emira Kozarević and Alija Avdukić)

Paper 5: Value-based intermediation and its social impacts for a new sustainable world (Shah Fahad Yousufzai)

Paper 27: Exploring sustainability from Islamic finance perspective (Paolo Biancone, Valerio Brescia, Federico Lanzalonga e Auwal Adam Sa’ad)

Paper 36: Robo-Advisors for Islamic wealth management: A theoretical framework (Hafidh Abdulla Hemed e Auwal Adam Sa’ad)

Parallel Session 4

CHAIR: Prof. Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi

Supporto tecnico: Dr. Davide Calandra

Paper 1: Imagining a Shariah Compliant SPAC (Daniele D’Alvia)

Paper 8: Financing in the Islamic System and Sustainable Economic Development of Selected Islamic Countries (Sepideh Khavarinezhad and Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi)

Paper 12: Islamic finance and social impact for a new sustainable world (Stefano Loconte and Beatrice Molteni)

Paper 25: Profit-And-Loss Sharing Through Impact Investment Funds: Possibility for Breaking the Invisible Ceiling with Muslim Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Norway (Sarah A Tobin, Mari Norbakk and Mehmet Asutay)

Paper 37: Social Finance, sustainable development goals and green economy: Islamic finance possible contribution to European’s renaissance (Silvana Secinaro and Federica Lanzara)

Parallel Session 5

CHAIR: Prof. Roberta Ricucci

Supporto tecnico: Dr. Federico Chmet

Paper 18: Islamic microfinance: An Effective approach for sustainable development (Hamza Abouchatir and Omar Essardi)

Paper 20: Analysis of Factors Affecting Community Interest in Bengkalis Regency Riau Province Indonesia in Using Sharia Banking (Zulfikar Hasan)

Paper 24: Islamic banking: past, present and future (Ashraf Khan, M. Kabir Hassan, Andrea Paltrinieri and Muneer M. Alshater)

Paper 30: Do Islamic banking in Indonesia support real home financing?: an assessment of procyclicality behavior (Mohamad Rifqi Fathoni, Ries Wulandari and Zainuri)

Paper 33: Islamic Microfinance Model for Small Businesses in Uganda in the Post Covid-19 Era (Umar Ahmed and Bashir Ahmad Fida)