The Turin Islamic Economic Forum (TIEF) is a project shared by the City of Torino, the Chamber of Commerce of Torino, the University of Torino and ASSAIF– Associazione per lo Sviluppo di Strumenti Alternativi e di Innovazione Finanziaria – to promote effective initiatives on Islamic Finance for social inclusion and economic development of the territory.

The Turin Islamic Economic Forum (TIEF) is a strategic event for the consolidation of the international role of Torino; it aims to make Torino an Islamic economic hub in Italy and Europe by creating knowledge and awareness on Islamic economics, fostering social inclusion and investments attractiveness.

Torino is working on the creation of a favourable environment for investments and also to make Torino a better place to live.

Torino and its Metropolitan City have reached a population of 2,3 million inhabitants, 1 million of which is under 45 years old. A Muslim community of about 50 thousand people has been living well integrated in the territory for many years: 40% of them have Italian citizenship.

Torino is an open and plural city that has developed policies and projects focused on religious pluralism and dialogue, through:

  • the Interfaith Committee, promoted by the city administration in 2006 has been fostering the dialogue between different religious traditions.
  • the “Patto di Condivisione e Cittadinanza” an Agreement signed at the City Hall on 19 February 2016 with all the 20 Islamic Centres based in Torino, to assert that Torino is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-religious city supporting integration, sharing and mutual respect.
  • it has been 20 years now since state schools in Torino have been offering the possibility to have specific diets to meet religious needs. Moreover, our schools have specific programs and projects focusing on intercultural education and religious pluralism.
  • the Torino Airport Sandro Pertini has recently opened a prayer room dedicated to Muslims in addition to the already existing prayer rooms devoted to other faiths.
  • an Arabic edition of the City website
  • the EidAl-Fitr celebration has been opened for the last 8 years by speeches given by representatives of the City and by representatives of the main religious faiths: Catholics, Jews, and Protestants.
  • the Civil Service for Young Immigrants was established in 2006 following an agreement between the City and the Ministry for Social Solidarity which funded a programme addressed to second-generation immigrants, in particular those living in Torino but with no Italian citizenship, and therefore not allowed to apply for the National Civil Service.
  • the Intercultural Centre of the City of Torino was founded in 1996 to offer opportunities of intercultural training, exchange and dialogue both to residents and migrants.
  • the activities of the University Research Centre and of the European Journal on Islamic Finance, the first international scientific journal on this topic in Europe, have been active for many years.

The TIEF is stimulating new collaborations, ideas and projects toward an inclusive, sustainable and competitive development of the territory.