Torino, with its 908.000 inhabitants, its 130 km2 of territorial extension and its GDP of 55.000 millions of Euros (which is 4.5% of the national GDP), is one of the most important cities in Italy.

It is a modern and vibrant city which can be considered as a model worldwide since it has become a centre of innovation and culture of which we are very proud.

Over the last thirty years just a few cities have been able to activate an urban renewal and a deep change. Torino in the middle of the XIX century was the capital city operating through a strong bureaucratic machinery; at the beginning of the XX century it became an industrial centre leading the whole country until the eighties. Today it is a multifaceted city, with a rich history of vocations, deeply transformed by its fast urban development.

Torino has unveiled its tourism and cultural vision: the restoring and reopening of royal residences and palaces belonging to the capital era, offer foreign visitors a city of rare beauty and charm with friendly and welcoming citizens. The important events organized in Torino, beginning with the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, emphasize those qualities and merits which would otherwise remain invisible in a mainly industrial city. New vocations are raising, thanks to the citizens’ strong will to work as a team gathering institutions and the best universities, research centres and leading companies to find new solutions and innovative answers.

Torino is a primary academic city known worldwide and the two main universities host one hundred thousand students; 17% of the students come from abroad. We want to promote this vocation, we want to become a student city equipped with a high quality accommodation service, hosting prestigious universities, promoting a culture of excellence, rich recreational opportunities for everyone, a city which includes companies investing on this fertile ground for new ideas.

Torino never ceases to be watchful and never sleeps. The third strategic plan guided the city in its journey toward becoming a smart city, connecting people who create knowledge and work hard.

Torino is a city that constantly changes and gladly welcomes all those who promote constant awareness of the transformation processes, as we do.