Wisam T. B. Salsaa

Manager since 2017 of the Walled off Hotel, located in Bethlehem beside the wall dividing Israel and Palestine and promoted by the street artist Banksy. He was born in Beit Sahour (Palestinian Territories) in 1975, he has two Degrees: in Social Science and in Tourism both from Bethlehem University.
Grow up carving olive wood with my father Tawfiq Salsaa, managed the family art business for several years (www.grottoarts.com). Worked as a general tour guide in Palestine and Israel starting from year 1998, and since then was very interested in Alternative tourism to give the opportunity to visitors to meet Palestinians and learn about their lives. Established a tour and travel Agency in 2012 EAST WIND TOURS. He has been involved in many Art projects in Palestine since 2005.