Sabrina Iannazzone

Consultant in inter-governmental affairs specialised in the food and health practice at EU level, in Interel, Brussels. She has a multidisciplinary background and gained extensive experience in policy analysis and international cooperation in the Middle Eastern and North African region. Throughout the course of her degree programs in Islamic Studies and International Relations at the Orientale University in Naples (Italy), she has been committed to conducting research on Islamic banking and finance, including fieldwork in Turkey, France and Italy. Specifically, she delved into the investigation of Islamic finance as an ethical banking and financial system that could resonate well with various types of ‘so-cially responsible’ investors and savers. She consolidated the outcomes of her research in two articles, namely “Derivatives in Islamic Finance: Does Ethical Finance Need Them?” which was discussed during the Sarajevo Islamic Finance and Economics Conference 2014. Further to this, she published her research on the prospects for the accommodation of Islamic financial instruments regulatory, socio-economic and cultural framework of the European Union, in particular Italy (Hajjar, Mohyedine (Ed.), Palgrave Macmillan).
She is currently working on a policy project to improve the access to healthcare of marginalised social groups.