Specialized in design and management of training, research, education and innovation projects, Marta Serrano Valenzuela was born in Spain in 1968 and she has been living in Torino since 1991. For years she was involved as an expert consultant in the Politecnico di Torino and for enhancing SME competitiveness and promoting technology transfer within the Enterprise Europe Network. Currently she is an expert manager in educational projects in Robotics and Human & Technology. She is in charge of business development actions for e.DO Experience by COMAU. In the sports field, together with the football Italian Premier League and the Ministry of Education, she launched the first national initiative for digital school learning for the benefit of high-level athletes, following her initial direction of the Juventus FC High School. Since 2018 she is president of Sport Innovation Hub APS, a non-profit organisation aiming at young people training and SME support for better competitiveness in the sports industry.