Mario Caserta

Supervisor of the Public Relations Offices in the Regina Margherita, Sant’Anna and CTO hospitals in Torino, he works with the HPH national network for health promotion and in the food and pharmaceutical research sector on the multicultural theme. Since 2005 he has been working at quality and social research, publishing several papers in national and international journals on customer satisfaction. Expert in multicultural and multi-religious topics, in 2006 he developed, together with Doctor Cerri, the religious care project “La cura dello Spirito (Care of the Spirit)”, initially for the Molinette Hospital in Torino and then for the Piedmont Region. In 2008 he opened the first Silence Room in a public hospital in Italy. In 2012 he drafted, together with Doctor Azzolina, a Hospital Mortuary Regulation according to the different religions. He holds a degree in Public Administration.