Alberto Gastaldo

Co-founder and board chairman of the innovative cooperative startup Energia Positiva, a company working since 2015 in the Energy Sharing Italian market. Born in Torino, 26 years old and graduated in Industrial Production and Technologic Innovation engineering at the Politecnico of Torino, he started his professional career in the HR and communications field. After some foreign experiences, he decided to come back to Italy to work in the field that moves him the most: renewable energies. The Energia Positiva cooperative’s mission is clear: developing and spreading on national territory an innovative, shareholding/participation based and democratic model, which gives to every single person the chance to become producer of his own 100% renewable energy and to reduce his energy bills just sharing the renewable power plants’ ownership and production. In this way, consumers can easily become “Energy Citizens” or “Prosumers”, that means they can consume goods they directly produce (in this case clean energy).