14.00 – 15.15

Parallel Session 6: General Track

CHAIR: Prof. Kabir Hassan

Technical Support: Dr. Davide Calandra

Paper 17: Exploring the Challenges of Adoption of Islamic Banking Products in the State of Pennsylvania, United States of America (Kenneh Mussa)

Paper 22: Developing a Shari’ah Based FinTech Money Creation Free [SFMCF] Model for Islamic Banking (Othman Altwijry, Mustafa Omar Mohammed, M. Kabir Hassan, Mohammad Selim)

Paper 28: New technologies for Islamic finance (Davide Calandra, Roberto Marseglia, Vincenzo Vaccaro and Federico Chmet)

Paper 29: Recent trend of deposits in Islamic banks (Davidia Zucchelli)

Paper 34: Regulatory framework of the Initial Exchange Offerings: A comparative Analysis between Italy and Malaysia (Hammam Radwan Jamal Al-Atrash and Auwal Adam Sa’ad)