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9:00 - 9:15

Chiara Appendino – Mayor, City of Torino

Vincenzo Ilotte – President, Torino Chamber of Commerce

Stefano Geuna – Rector, University of Torino

Alberto Brugnoni – Managing Partner, ASSAIF



9:15 - 9:30

Hala Badri - Director General, Dubai Culture & Arts Authority


Paolo Biancone - Full Professor of Business Administration, University of Torino


Rafi-uddin Shikoh - Founder and CEO DinarStandard, New York - Dubai
Islamic Fintech - Current Landscape & Path Forward

Reuben Buttigieg - CEO ERREMME, Malta
Establishing a European Regulatory Framework for Blockchain

Stefano Sermenghi - CEO and Co-Founder Big Group
Blockchain in Italy: fundamental tools for the Italian Food Industry


Saeed Mubarak Kharbash Al Marri – Deputy CEO - Strategy & Planning, DIEDC/ Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre


Rafi-uddin Shikoh – Founder and CEO DinarStandard, New York - Dubai

Franka Soeria – Co-founder, Think Fashion & #Markamarie, Istanbul - Jakarta

Silvano Martinotti – Vice-President, Italian Industry & Commerce Office in the UAE

Tomas Guerrero Blanco – Manager, Halal Trade and Marketing Centre, Dubai

Arwa Hanif Al-Qassim – Specialist in Projects and Events Dept., Dubai Culture & Arts Authority


Dario Gallina – President, Union of Industrialists Torino


Marco Pironti – Deputy Mayor for Innovation, City of Torino

The Smart City Project "Torino City Lab": Using the "Città di Torino" Assets as a Living Lab

Daniele Russolillo – Planet Holding Limited, London-Turin

Smart neighborhoods and affordable housing: a global approach.

Pietro Perlo – President of Torino e-District and Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles “I-FEVS”

Smart Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in the Torino area: applying artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies


Maria Bottiglieri – Responsible for International Cooperation and Peace Activities, City of Torino

Alberto Brugnoni – Managing Partner, ASSAIF


Romano BorchielliniPresident, Advisory Board of the Energy Center / Representative of the Rector of Polytechnic of Turin for the Energy Center

Fadi KattanDean, School of Business and Administration, Bethlehem University

Luigi BiscegliaCountry representative in Palestine, VIS (Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo) / Coordinator of the Yunus Social Business Centre of Bethlehem University

Ziad Alsayeh Head of Planning and Development Department, Municipality of Bethlehem

Wisam Salsaa – Director, Walled Off Hotel Gallery, Bethlehem

14:15 - 15:00  Refreshments


Alberto Brugnoni – Managing Partner, ASSAIF


Marco Giusta Deputy Mayor for Human Rights, International Cooperation, City of Torino

Project MENTOR

Marco De Giorgi – Director General, Ministry of Public Administration, Republic of Italy

The Social Innovation Fund

Houssam Chahine – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Dubai

The Refugee Zakat and Sadaqa Jariyya Fund

Mario Calderini – Full professor, Polytechnic of Milan

Torino Social Impact and Social Impact Investment (Borsa dei Valori)

Emiliano Giovine – R&P Legal, Milan and Turin

Refugee-led Entrepreneurship


Rafi-uddin Shikoh – Founder and CEO DinarStandard, New York – Dubai


Massimo Falcioni – CEO, Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), Abu Dhabi

Salim Al Ali – Assistant Professor at United Arab Emirates University

Piero Poccianti – President, Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence

Abdur Rahim Ghulam Nabi – Senior Advisor to Assistant Director General at DAFZA, Dubai

Nadim Bardawil – BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates


11:00 - 11:30  Coffee break


Alberto Sacco – Deputy Mayor for Commerce, Tourism, Employment Policies, City of Torino

Alberto Brugnoni – Managing Partner, ASSAIF


Massimo Falcioni – CEO, Etihad Credit Insurance (ECI), Abu Dhabi

Hamid Distefano - CEO HalalItalia, Milano

Annamaria Aisha Tiozzo - President - WHAD

Elena Toselli – Ministry of Economic Development - Directorate General for Internationalization Policies and Promotion, Republic of Italy

Tomas Guerrero Blanco – Manager, Halal Trade and Marketing Centre, Dubai

Andrea Martra – CEO HalalTO and Professor, University of Torino



Ilaria Bonacossa Director, ARTISSIMA, Turin


Deborah Najar – Director, Jean-Paul Najar Foundation, Dubai

Alia Fattouh – Director, Athr Gallery, Jeddah

13:15 - 14:00  Refreshments

9:15 - 10:00

Salim Al Ali – Assistant Professor at United Arab Emirates University, Dubai

                        How to Structure a Sukuk

10:00 - 11:00

Academic papers presentations

Parallel Session 1

 Islamic Finance, Social Impact Finance and Blockchain

Chair: Buerhan Saiti

Parallel Session 2

 Digital Transformation, Islamic, Social and Impact Financial Innovation

Chair: Lavinia Pastore

Parallel Session 3

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Digital transformation for Generating Impact

Chair: Federica Miglietta

  • Smart Sukuk Structure from Shari’ah Perspective and Financing Benefits: Proposed Application of Smart Sukuk through Blockchain Technology in Islamic Banks within Turkey.
  • Bitcoin-Blockchain Phenomenon: An Investigation on News Titles Influence
  • The Contemporary Islamic Banking & Finance – Finance as Worship or a Commercial Funding
  • Bibliometric Analysis of Islamic Finance
  • FAST-TRACKING THE ISLAMIC DIGITAL ECONOMY: Strengthening the Eco-system and Enhancing the Legal and Regulatory Framework
  • When the civic-crowdfunding play a crucial role on urban sustainability. The case study of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and the project "A playground for Aurora"
  • Islamic finance and social finance, an opportunity for social enterprises


  • The reliability and validity of cryptocurrency from maqasid al-shariah perspective: a preliminary study


  • Digital transformation and Islamic ethics in Islamic finance


  • Norwegian pension fund divestments and the market effects


  • Islamic view towards Bitcoin



11:00 - 11:30  Coffee break

11:30 - 12:30

Academic papers presentations

Parallel Session 4

Islamic Finance, Social Impact Finance and Blockchain

Chair: Rocco Frondizi

Parallel Session 5

 Digital Transformation, Islamic, Social and Impact Financial Innovation

Chair: Samir Srairi



Parallel Session 6

Impact Finance, Islamic Finance, and Innovative Financing

Chair: Maha Radwan


·        A Comparative Study of CSR Practices of Islami Shariah Based PCBs and Conventional PCBs in Bangladesh.

·        A Study on Integration of Islamic Social Finance through Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI)

·        An analysis of Dyadic relationship between Islamic Financial Institutions and Takaful Operators and their impact on Economic stability

·        Can the FinTech progress the Real Estate Sector?: Crowdfunding &Bloackchain Compared in a Literature Review

·        Takaful Industry and Blockchain: Challenges and Opportunities for Costs’ Reduction in Islamic Insurance Companies


  • Islamic Finance and the New Technology Challenges
  • Information Technology for Zakat Management in Indonesia
  • Moderating Effect of Leader Seniority between Governance Mechanisms and Profitability of Takaful Insurance
  • Innovation in Product Development Process for Islamic Financial Institutions in Malaysia: A Conceptual Framework with Ethical Values for Community Benefits
  • The Concept, Structure and Epistemological Development: Musharakah Tijariah Cross-Border Financing
  • The Comparison Of Home Financing Between Turkey And Malaysia: A Critical Assessment

·        The Prospect of Islamic Finance Social Instruments in Public Finance




·        The role of hawala in the Islamic culture. A way to avoid crime financing

12:30 - 13:30  Lunch break

13:30 - 15:00

Academic papers presentations

Parallel Session 7

Islamic Financial Capital Markets Issues and Prospects

Chair: Noemi Rossi


Parallel Session 8

Islamic Banking Efficiency, Risk Management, and Regulative Policies

Chair: Davide Maggi

Parallel Session 9

Current Financial Technologies: Crowdfunding, FinTech and Cryptocurrencies

Chair: Maura Campra

  • S&P Islamic Returns with Economic Policy Uncertainty: Symmetric or Asymmetric effect.
  • Impact of the Bond market and Sukuk market on the oil shocks:  The effect of Herd Behavior
  • Can the Dow Jones Sustainable Index be useful for evaluating Dow Jones Islamic Market companies?
  • Credit risk pricing: Evidence from dual micro finance institutions systems
  • Transparency and bank risk-taking in GCC banking
  • Analysis of Central Bank Digital Currencies issuance Economic and Shariah viewpoints
  • Analysis Of The Transmission Asymmetry Of Monetary Policy In A Dual Banking System: Econometric Modelling
  • The use of cryptocurrencies for hawala in the Islamic finance
  • The synergistic relationship between crowdfunding and corporate social responsibility: A case study
  • Sharia Compliance Crowdfunding And Blockchain; A Case Study Of Safir Platform



15:00 - 15:30  Coffee break