13:30 - 15:00


Academic papers presentations

Parallel Session 7

Islamic Financial Capital Markets Issues and Prospects

Chair: Noemi Rossi


Parallel Session 8

Islamic Banking Efficiency, Risk Management, and Regulative Policies

Chair: Davide Maggi

Parallel Session 9

Current Financial Technologies: Crowdfunding, FinTech and Cryptocurrencies

Chair: Maura Campra

  • S&P Islamic Returns with Economic Policy Uncertainty: Symmetric or Asymmetric effect.
  • Impact of the Bond market and Sukuk market on the oil shocks:  The effect of Herd Behavior
  • Can the Dow Jones Sustainable Index be useful for evaluating Dow Jones Islamic Market companies?
  • Credit risk pricing: Evidence from dual micro finance institutions systems
  • Transparency and bank risk-taking in GCC banking
  • Analysis of Central Bank Digital Currencies issuance Economic and Shariah viewpoints
  • Analysis Of The Transmission Asymmetry Of Monetary Policy In A Dual Banking System: Econometric Modelling
  • The use of cryptocurrencies for hawala in the Islamic finance
  • The synergistic relationship between crowdfunding and corporate social responsibility: A case study
  • Sharia Compliance Crowdfunding And Blockchain; A Case Study Of Safir Platform



15:00 – 15:30  Coffee break